Concrete pool

These are the most common version of pools. The elaborate concrete structure is lined with a foil or ceramic tiles. Their peculiarity lies in the choice of size and shape of the pool and its staircase. Fixtures as one-stream jets, skimmers, floor drains, pool lights, etc., are incorporated into the concrete structure.

Foil pool

The finalized concrete structure of the pool is lined with pool foil Alkorplan 1000-2000-3000, delivered by the company Renolit. The strength of the Waterproofing-swimmingpool foil is 1.5 mm. Depending on your wishes we can also use the new foil Alkorplan 3000 TOUCH, of 2 mm thickness. Before the foil is put on, we prepare the ground with an antibacterial web, on which the foil is formed and welded afterwards. The transitions between the foils is been reworked with a liquid foil, to get a smooth surface. The foil is non-toxic and prevents the formation of algae and bacteria. We offer a wide range of colors and patterns. The catalog can be seen here.

Tile pools

Tile pools are the oldest form of swimming pools. You need a perfect prepared and waterproof concrete construction and perfect laying of the tiles or glass mosaics, as the final phase of the work.

In our gallery you can have a look at various concrete pools, which we have built for our clients.

Construction progress