Santa Fe

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Hydromassage bathtub for 5 people
2150 x 1900 x 800 mm

The Santa Fe model consists of high-quality acrylic, glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel. Hydromassage bathtub is mounted on a stainless steel frame and can be lowered to the floor. A total of 40 massage jets relaxes and revitalizes your body, providing you with new energy. The massage nozzles are adjustable, targeting you to relax muscle tension in your neck, shoulder area, and leg area. It also reduces stress. Relax at home with ergonomically designed seating and lounging areas with a variety of massage functions. The Santa Fe incorporates a Balboa GS-100 control system. Balboa is the market leader in the field of massage bathtub management systems.

Bathtub color:
Skywhite / black exterior lining
Skyblack / black exterior lining
Skywhite / gray exterior lining

Water flows from a side-mounted valve, the opening of which can be easily connected to the drainage pipe.
Control of LED lighting via the control panel.
When mounted on a stainless steel frame, it can be lowered to the floor.
The nozzles are adjustable and can purposefully relax the muscles of the neck, shoulders, and legs.
A total of 40 massage jets revitalize your body and give it new energy and reduce stress.
Each seating and lounging area has a different massage function.
In addition to the standard underwater lighting, there are 20 small LEDs along the inside edge of the tub.

High-quality acrylic
Sanitary plastic piping and nozzle interior
Polyurethane (neck pillows)

Dimensions L x W x H: 2150 x 1900 x 800 mm
Capacity: 5 persons
Water capacity: 1150l
Weight of tub without water: approx. 250 kg
Total nozzles: 40
3 inch nozzles: 5
2 inch nozzles: 12
1 inch nozzles: 23
Bathtub material: Acrylic and fiberglass
Skimmer: 1 set
USA Balboa heater: 3000W
USA Ozone System: Yes
Filtration system: Yes
Control system: Balboa GS100
Control Panel: Balboa VL260
Frost protection: Yes
Insulation: Complete tub insulation, external insulation including reflective film
Multicolor LED lighting: 1 piece + 28 small LEDs, 3 pieces of fountain lighting
Aromatherapy: Yes
Massage pump: 2,200 Watt
Circulation pump: 250 Watt
Lighting: Super Bright RGB LED
Filtration system: Circulating
Filtration cartridges: 1 cartridge
Pillow: 3 pieces
Massage area: neck, back, legs and feet
Installation instructions: Yes
Instructions for use: Yes

Price: 6.908,00 € (52.048,33 kn)

Including 25% VAT, delivery to Zadar, start set chemicals, and a thermal blanket and stairs

1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK

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